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You are welcome to join Families Australia. We have hundreds of Members covering every State and Territory and in urban, regional, rural and remote areas.

Our Membership is comprised mainly of organisations as well as some individuals.

Families Australia has around 500 member organisations which operate in a diverse range of fields such as community and family support work, program management, disability, research, grandparenting, children’s services, counselling, and youth work.

There are two categories of membership: General and Associate.

General Membership
To become a General Member, your organisation must:

  • be an incorporated national body, be in the process of incorporation, or be a body constituted by statute,
  • provide services in, or have member organisations from, at least three States and/or Territories, and
  • demonstrate support for the aims of Families Australia.

General Members of Families Australia have voting rights and are able to put forward nominees for election to the Board of Families Australia.

There are two types of General Membership available to your organisation:  General Membership, where the national organisation only is a member and General Membership Plus.

General Membership Plus offers reduced membership rates to General Members that have affiliates.  An affiliate is defined as being one of the following: a member association, a subsidiary or an individual office bearing the same public trading name as the General Member.  Each affiliate will (subject to Families Australia Board approval) become an Associate Member of Families Australia in its own right and receive all the usual benefits of Associate Membership.

Associate Membership
Associate Membership is open to any individual, group, alliance or organisation who demonstrates support for the aims of Families Australia.

Membership Benefits.

  • National Family News, published twice a month, which contains latest information on national family policy, practice and research.
  • Opportunity for issues of interest to your organisation to be registered in Federal policy making circles via regular Member surveys.
  • Membership in a diverse network of people and organisations committed to family issues.
  • Reduced registration fees at Families Australia-sponsored conferences and events.
  • Priority notification of National Families Week events and planning.

For further information about General or Associate Membership eligibility and fees, please see the Constitution and Rules of Families Australia or contact the Families Australia office.


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